We offer you a comprehensive portfolio for sustained success in your sector, whether you're talking automation engineering, drives or electrical installation systems. Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Totally Integrated Power (TIP) form the core of our offering. TIA and TIP are the basis of our integrated range of products and systems for the manufacturing and process industries as well as building automation.

(I) SIRIUS Industrial Controls

The SIRIUS range has everything you need for switching, protecting and starting loads. Products for monitoring, control, detection, commanding, signaling and power supply round off the spectrum of industrial controls. Combined with Totally Integrated Automation, Safety Integrated and ECOFAST, our product portfolio can be bundled to create optimized systems. All in all, Siemens provides innovative controls with modern features, such as integrated communication and safety technology that work to your advantage:
The basis for ground-breaking integrated solutions.


• The compact design of the SENTRON 3VL circuit breakers coupled with excellent characteristics fulfills the high demands of today's electrical distribution systems.
• These circuit breakers offer a broad product range, improved technology, space savings and easy operation.
• They are available both in thermal-magnetic (16 A to 630 A) and in electronic versions (63 A to 1600 A).

The use of modern communication-capable circuit breakers opens up completely new possibilities in terms of start-up, parameterization, diagnostics, maintenance and operation. This allows many different ways of reducing costs and improving productivity in industrial plants, buildings and infrastructure
projects to be achieved:
• Fast and reliable parameterization
• Timely information and response can prevent plant stoppages
• Effective diagnostics management

Measured values are the basis for efficient load management, for drawing up power demand profiles and for assigning power to cost centers.